Environmental Review List

The Environmental Review list includes threatened and endangered species, special concern species, and rare and significant ecological features, which are screened for in Conservation Explorer. The species and resources in our list have been categorized to be consistent with definitions in the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory (PNDI) Policy. Through the PNDI review process, each agency or commission provides conservation or enhancement recommendations for the species or feature under their jurisdiction to landowners, developers, and planners. As part of the permitting process, the DEP requires permit applicants to screen their land use projects for potential impacts to threatened or endangered species using the Conservation Explorer. Read more about DEP’s PNDI Policy and rank and status definitions for further information.

A complete list of all other species and ecological features surveyed and tracked by PNHP, in addition to Environmental Review species is available on our Species and Natural Features List webpage.

View the Using the Species List page for conservation status definitions and instructions on navigating this page.


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Displaying All Species in Pennsylvania

List updated March 2021. Definitions of the status and rank codes can be found here. * Denotes a Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN).

CategoryScientific NameCommon NameFederal StatusState StatusProposed DCNR StatusG RankS RankFactsheets
SOSCAccipiter gentilis*Northern Goshawk   G5S1B,S3N,S2M PNHP NatureServe
TOREAcipenser brevirostrum*Shortnose SturgeonLEPE G3S2 PNHP NatureServe USFWS
TOREAcipenser fulvescens*Lake Sturgeon PE G3G4S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREAcipenser oxyrinchus*Atlantic SturgeonLEPE G3S1 PNHP NatureServe USFWS
TOREAconitum reclinatumWhite Monkshood PEPEG3G4S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREAconitum uncinatumBlue Monkshood PTPTG4S2 NatureServe
TOREAcorus americanusSweet Flag PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREAcris crepitans*Eastern Cricket Frog PE G5S1 NatureServe
TOREActaea podocarpaMountain Bugbane PTPRG4S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCActaea rubraRed Baneberry  PTG5S2 NatureServe
TOREAgalinis auriculataEared False-foxglove PEPEG3S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREAgalinis pauperculaSmall-flowered False-foxglove PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCAgeratina aromaticaSmall White-snakeroot NPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREAlasmidonta heterodon*Dwarf WedgemusselLEPE G1G2S1 NatureServe USFWS
SOSCAlasmidonta marginata*Elktoe   G4S3S4 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCAlasmidonta undulata*Triangle Floater   G4S3 NatureServe
SOSCAlasmidonta varicosa*Brook Floater   G3S1S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCAlder-leaved Buckthorn - Inland Sedge - Golden Ragwort Shrub FenAlder-leaved Buckthorn - Inland Sedge - Golden Ragwort Shrub Fen   GNRS1 PNHP
SOSCAletris farinosaColic-root TUPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREAlisma trivialeNorthern Water-plantain PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREAlnus viridisMountain Alder PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCAlopecurus aequalisShort-awn Foxtail NPTG5S3 NatureServe
TOREAlosa mediocris*Hickory Shad PE G4S2 NatureServe
SOSCAmaranthus cannabinusWaterhemp Ragweed PRPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCAmblema plicata*Threeridge   G5S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCAmblyscirtes vialis*Common Roadside Skipper   G5S2S3 NatureServe
TOREAmbystoma laterale*Blue-spotted Salamander PE G5S1 NatureServe
TOREAmelanchier bartramianaOblong-fruited Serviceberry PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCAmelanchier canadensisServiceberry NPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCAmelanchier humilisServiceberry TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCAmelanchier obovalisCoastal Juneberry TUPEG4G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCAmelanchier sanguineaRoundleaf Serviceberry TUPEG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREAmmocrypta pellucida*Eastern Sand Darter PE G4S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREAmmophila breviligulataAmerican Beachgrass PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCAndromeda polifoliaBog-rosemary PRPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCAndropogon glomeratusBushy Bluestem TUPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCAndropogon gyransElliott's Beardgrass NPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TOREAneides aeneus*Green Salamander PT G3G4S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREAnemone cylindricaLong-fruited Anemone PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCAnodontoides ferussacianus*Cylindrical Papershell   G5S2S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCAntennaria solitariaSingle-headed Pussy-toes TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCAntennaria virginicaShale Barren Pussytoes NPRG4S3 NatureServe
SOSCAnticlinesAnticlines   GNRSNR PNHP
SOSCAplectoides condita*Quivering Dart Moth   G5S3S4 NatureServe
SOSCApodrepanulatrix liberaria*New Jersey Tea Inchworm Moth   G3S1S2 NatureServe
SOSCArabis hirsutaWestern Hairy Rock-cress TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREArabis missouriensisMissouri Rock-cress PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCArabis patensSpreading Rockcress NPTG3S2 NatureServe
TOREArceuthobium pusillumDwarf Mistletoe PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREArctostaphylos uva-ursiBearberry Manzanita PXPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREArdea alba*Great Egret PE G5S2B,S4N,S3M PGC NatureServe
SOSCArdea herodiasGreat Blue Heron   G5S5B,S4N,S4M NatureServe
TOREArethusa bulbosaDragon's Mouth PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCAristida dichotoma var. curtissiiThree-awned Grass TUPEG5T5S1S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREAristida purpurascensArrow-feathered Three Awned PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREArnica acaulisLeopard's-bane PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCArnoglossum reniformeGreat Indian-plantain NPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCArtace cribraria*Dot-lined White Moth   G5S3S4 NatureServe
TOREArtemisia campestris ssp. caudataBeach Wormwood PEPEG5T5S1 NatureServe
TOREAsclepias variegataWhite Milkweed PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCAsclepias verticillataWhorled Milkweed  PTG5S2 NatureServe
TOREAsio flammeus*Short-eared Owl PE G5S1B,S3N,S2M PGC NatureServe
TOREAsio otus*Long-eared Owl PT G5S1B,S3N,S3M NatureServe
TOREAsplenium bradleyiBradley's Spleenwort PTPEG4S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCAsplenium pinnatifidumLobed Spleenwort NPRG4S3 PNHP NatureServe
TOREAsplenium resiliensBlack-stemmed Spleenwort PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCAstragalus canadensisCanadian Milkvetch NPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREAstragalus neglectusCooper's Milk-vetch PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCAtrytonopsis hianna*Dusted Skipper   G4G5S1S2 NatureServe
SOSCBagisara rectifascia*Straight Lined Mallow Moth   G4S2S3 NatureServe
TOREBaptisia australisBlue False-indigo PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCBartonia paniculata ssp. paniculata (Bartonia paniculata)Screw-Stem NPRG5S3 NatureServe
TOREBartramia longicauda*Upland Sandpiper PE G5S2B,S2M PGC NatureServe
SOSCBat HibernaculumWinter Bat Colony   GNRS1
TOREBidens beckiiBeck's Water-marigold PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREBidens bidentoidesSwamp Beggar-ticks PTPEG3G4S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCBidens discoideaSmall Beggar-ticks NPRG5S3 NatureServe
SOSCBidens laevisBeggar-ticks NPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCBig Bluestem - Indian-grass Floodplain GrasslandBig Bluestem - Indian-grass Floodplain Grassland   GNRS3 PNHP
SOSCBlack Spruce - Tamarack Palustrine WoodlandBlack Spruce - Tamarack Palustrine Woodland   GNRS2 PNHP
SOSCBlack Spruce - Tamarack Peatland ForestBlack Spruce - Tamarack Peatland Forest   GNRS3 PNHP
TOREBoltonia asteroidesAster-like Boltonia PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREBombus affinis*Rusty Patched Bumble BeeLE  G2S1 NatureServe USFWS
TOREBotaurus lentiginosus*American Bittern PE G5S2B,S3M PGC NatureServe
SOSCBottomland Oak - Hardwood Palustrine ForestBottomland Oak - Hardwood Palustrine Forest   GNRS2 PNHP
SOSCBoulder beltsBoulder Belts   GNRSNR PNHP
TOREBouteloua curtipendulaTall Gramma PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCBromus kalmiiBrome Grass NPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCBulrush MarshBulrush Marsh   GNRS3 PNHP
SOSCCaecidotea franzi*Franz's Cave Isopod   G2G4S1 NatureServe
SOSCCaecidotea kenki*An Isopod   G3S1 NatureServe
SOSCCaecidotea pricei*Price's Cave Isopod   G5S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCCakile edentulaAmerican Sea-rocket PRPRG5S3 NatureServe
SOSCCalamagrostis stricta ssp. inexpansaNarrow-leaved Reedgrass NPTG5T5S1 NatureServe
SOSCCalcareous Opening/cliffCalcareous Opening/cliff   GNRS2 PNHP
SOSCCalephelis borealis*Northern Metalmark   G3S1S2 NatureServe
TORECalidris canutus rufa*Red KnotLTPT G4T2S2M NatureServe USFWS
SOSCCallophrys irus*Frosted Elfin   G2G3S1S2 NatureServe
TORECamassia scilloidesWild Hyacinth PTPEG4G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCCardamine maximaLarge Toothwort NPTG5S2 NatureServe
TORECardamine pratensis var. palustrisCuckooflower PEPEG5T5S1 NatureServe
TORECarex alataBroad-winged Sedge PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex aquatilisWater Sedge PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
TORECarex atherodesAwned Sedge PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORECarex aureaGolden-fruited Sedge PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORECarex bebbiiBebb's Sedge PEPTG5S2 NatureServe
TORECarex bicknelliiBicknell's Sedge PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCCarex breviorA Sedge NPTG5S2? NatureServe
TORECarex bullataBull Sedge PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCarex buxbaumiiBrown Sedge TUPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex careyanaCarey's Sedge PEPEG4G5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex collinsiiCollin's Sedge PEPTG4S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCarex crawfordiiCrawford's Sedge TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORECarex crinita var. brevicrinisShort Hair Sedge PEPEG5T5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex cryptolepisNortheastern Sedge PTPEG4G5S1 NatureServe
TORECarex diandraLesser Panicled Sedge PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCarex dispermaSoft-leaved Sedge PRPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex eburneaEbony Sedge PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex flavaYellow Sedge PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex foeneaBronze Sedge PXPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORECarex formosaHandsome Sedge PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
TORECarex garberiElk Sedge PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORECarex geyeriGeyer's Sedge PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCCarex haydeniiCloud Sedge TUPTG5S1S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCarex lasiocarpaSlender Sedge PRPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCarex limosaMud Sedge TUPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCarex longiiLong's Sedge TUPTG5S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCCarex lupuliformisFalse Hop Sedge TUPEG4S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCarex meadiiMead's Sedge TUPEG4G5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex mitchellianaMitchell's Sedge PEPEG4S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex oligospermaFew-seeded Sedge PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
TORECarex paucifloraFew-flowered Sedge PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex pauperculaBog Sedge PTPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex polymorphaVariable Sedge PEPTG3S2 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex praireaPrairie Sedge PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
TORECarex pseudocyperusCyperus-like Sedge PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORECarex retrorsaBackward Sedge PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCCarex richardsoniiRichardson's Sedge NPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCCarex roanensisRoan Mountain Sedge  PEG2G3S1 NatureServe
TORECarex schweinitziiSchweinitz's Sedge PTPEG3G4S1 NatureServe
SOSCCarex shortianaSedge NPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCarex sprengeliiSedge NPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex sterilisSterile Sedge PTPEG4G5S1 NatureServe
TORECarex tetanicaA Sedge PTPTG4G5S2 NatureServe
TORECarex typhinaCattail Sedge PEPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TORECarex viridulaGreen Sedge PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORECarex wiegandiiWiegands Sedge PTPTG4G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCCaripeta aretaria*Southern Pine Looper Moth   G4S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCCarterocephalus palaemon*Arctic Skipper   G5S3 NatureServe
SOSCCastilleja coccineaScarlet Indian-paintbrush TUPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCCatharus ustulatus*Swainson's Thrush   G5S3B,S4M PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCatocala sp. 1 nr. jair*Pine Woods Underwing Moth   G5S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCCatocala umbrosa*Umber Underwing Moth   G5S1? NatureServe
TORECatostomus catostomus*Longnose Sucker PE G5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORECerastium velutinum var. villosissimumGoat Hill Chickweed PEPEG5T1S1 NatureServe
SOSCChaetaglaea cerata*Waxed Sallow Moth   G3G4S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCChaetaglaea tremula*Trembling Sallow Moth   G5S1S3 NatureServe
TORECharadrius melodus*Piping PloverLEPE G3S1B, S1M PGC NatureServe USFWS
SOSCChasmanthium latifoliumWild Oat TUPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREChasmanthium laxumSlender Sea-oats PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCChenopodium capitatumStrawberry Goosefoot TUPEG5SH NatureServe
TOREChenopodium foggiiFogg's Goosefoot PEPEG2G3S1 NatureServe
SOSCChionanthus virginicusFringe-tree NPTG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TOREChlidonias niger*Black Tern PE G4G5S1B,S3M PGC NatureServe
TOREChrosomus eos*Northern Redbelly Dace PE G5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREChrosomus erythrogaster*Southern Redbelly Dace PT G5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREChrysogonum virginianumGreen-and-gold PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREChrysopsis marianaMaryland Golden-aster PTPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCicindela ancocisconensis*Appalachian Tiger Beetle   G3S1S3 NatureServe
SOSCCicindela marginipennis*Cobblestone Tiger Beetle   G2S1 NatureServe
SOSCCicindela patruela*Northern Barrens Tiger Beetle   G3S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCCicindela splendida*Splendid Tiger Beetle   G5S1S2 NatureServe
TORECircus cyaneus*Northern Harrier PT G5S2B,S3M PGC PNHP NatureServe
TORECirsium horridulumHorrible Thistle PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCCistothorus palustris*Marsh Wren   G5S2B,S3M NatureServe
TORECistothorus platensis*Sedge Wren PE G5S1B,S1M PGC NatureServe
TORECladium mariscoidesTwig Rush PEPEG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCClematis occidentalisPurple Clematis  PTG5S2 NatureServe
TOREClematis viornaVase-vine Leather-flower PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREClethra acuminataMountain Pepper-bush PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
TOREClitoria marianaButterfly-pea PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREClonophis kirtlandii*Kirtland's Snake PE G2SH PNHP NatureServe
TORECoeloglossum virideLong-bracted Green Orchid PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREConioselinum chinenseHemlock-parsley PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCCorallorhiza wisterianaSpring Coral-root TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORECoregonus artedi*Cisco PE G5SU NatureServe
SOSCCorydalis aureaGolden Corydalis NPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCotton-grass Poor FenCotton-grass Poor Fen   G3S3 PNHP
SOSCCottus sp. 7*Checkered Sculpin   G4QS2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCrangonyx dearolfi*Pennsylvania Cave Amphipod   G2S1 NatureServe
SOSCCrotalus horridus*Timber Rattlesnake DL G4S3S4 PNHP NatureServe
TORECryptogramma stelleriSlender Rock-brake PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORECryptotis parva*North American Least Shrew PE G5S1 PGC NatureServe
SOSCCulaea inconstans*Brook Stickleback PC G5S4 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCuscuta cephalanthiButton-bush Dodder TUPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCuscuta compactaDodder NPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCCuscuta polygonorumSmartweed Dodder TUPTG5S2 NatureServe
TORECymophyllus fraserianusFraser's Sedge PEPEG4S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORECyperus diandrusUmbrella Flatsedge PEPEG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TORECyperus houghtoniiHoughton's Flatsedge PEPEG4?S1 NatureServe
SOSCCyperus lancastriensisMany-flowered Umbrella Sedge NPTG5S2 NatureServe
TORECyperus refractusReflexed Flatsedge PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCyperus schweinitziiSchweinitz's Flatsedge PRPRG5S2 NatureServe
TORECypripedium parviflorum var. makasinNorthern Small Yellow Lady's-slipper PEPEG5T4T5S1 NatureServe
TORECypripedium parviflorum var. parviflorumSouthern Small Yellow Lady's-slipper PEPVG5T3T5S1S2 NatureServe
TORECypripedium reginaeShowy Lady's-slipper PTPEG4G5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCCystopteris laurentianaLaurentian Bladder-fern TUPEG3S1 NatureServe
SOSCCystopteris tennesseensisBladder Fern NPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCDatana ranaeceps*Post-burn Datana Moth   G3G4S2 NatureServe
TOREDelphinium exaltatumTall Larkspur PEPEG3S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCDeschampsia cespitosaTufted Hairgrass NPTG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCDesmodium glabellumTall Tick-trefoil TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCDesmodium laevigatumSmooth Tick-trefoil NPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCDesmodium nuttalliiNuttalls' Tick-trefoil TUPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCDiarrhena americanaAmerican Beakgrain NPEG4G5S1 NatureServe
TOREDicentra eximiaWild Bleeding-hearts PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCDichagyris acclivis*Switchgrass Dart Moth   G4G5S3 NatureServe
SOSCDichanthelium annulumSerpentine Panic-grass TUPTG4S2 NatureServe
SOSCDichanthelium commonsianum var. euchlamydeumCloaked Panic-grass PRPEG5TNRS2 NatureServe
SOSCDichanthelium laxiflorumLax-flower Witchgrass NPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREDichanthelium leibergiiLeiberg's Panic-grass PXPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCDichanthelium lucidumShining Panic-grass TUPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCDichanthelium oligosanthesHeller's Witchgrass NPTG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TOREDichanthelium scopariumVelvety Panic-grass PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREDichanthelium spretumEaton's Witchgrass PXPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCDichanthelium villosissimumWhite-hair Witchgrass TU G5SNR NatureServe
TOREDichanthelium xanthophysumSlender Panic-grass PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCDichanthelium yadkinenseYadkin River Panic-grass TUPEG5T4QS1 NatureServe
SOSCDrainage patternsDrainage Patterns   GNRSNR PNHP
TOREDryopteris campylopteraMountain Wood Fern PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCDryopteris celsaLog Fern NPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCDryopteris clintonianaClinton's Wood Fern NPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCDryopteris filix-mas ssp. brittoniiMale Fern NPEG5T4?S1 NatureServe
TOREEchinochloa walteriWalter's Barnyard-grass PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREEleocharis caribaeaCapitate Spike-rush PEPEG4G5S1 NatureServe
TOREEleocharis compressaFlat-stemmed Spike-rush PEPEG4S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREEleocharis ellipticaSlender Spike-rush PEPEG5S2 NatureServe
TOREEleocharis intermediaMatted Spike-rush PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
TOREEleocharis obtusa var. peaseiWrights Spike Rush PEPEG5TNRS1 NatureServe
TOREEleocharis parvulaLittle-spike Spike-rush PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREEleocharis pauciflora var. fernaldiiFew-flowered Spike-rush PEPEG5TNRQS1 NatureServe
TOREEleocharis quadrangulataFour-angled Spike-rush PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREEleocharis robbinsiiRobbins' Spike-rush PTPTG4G5S2 NatureServe
TOREEleocharis rostellataBeaked Spike-rush PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREEleocharis tenuis var. verrucosaSlender Spike-rush PEPEG5T3T5S1 NatureServe
TOREEleocharis tuberculosaLong-tubercled Spike-rush PXPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCElliptio productaAtlantic Spike   G3QS2 NatureServe
TOREEllisia nycteleaEllisia PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCElm - Ash - Maple Lakeplain ForestElm - Ash - Maple Lakeplain Forest   GNRS1 PNHP
SOSCElymus trachycaulusSlender Wheatgrass NTUG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TOREEmpidonax flaviventris*Yellow-bellied Flycatcher PE G5S1B,S3M PGC NatureServe
SOSCEmydoidea blandingii*Blanding's Turtle PC G4S1 NatureServe
SOSCEphemeral/fluctuating natural poolEphemeral/fluctuating Natural Pool   GNRS3
SOSCEpilobium strictumDowny Willow-herb PRPRG5S3 NatureServe
TOREEpioblasma rangiana*Northern RiffleshellLEPE G1S2 PNHP NatureServe USFWS
TOREEpioblasma triquetra*SnuffboxLEPE G3S2 NatureServe
TOREEquisetum scirpoidesDwarf Scouring-rush PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREEquisetum variegatumVariegated Horsetail PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCEquisetum x ferrissiiScouring-rush NPEGNAS1 NatureServe
SOSCErastria coloraria*Broad-lined Erastria Moth   G3G4S1S2 NatureServe
TOREErigenia bulbosaHarbinger-of-spring PTPRG5S4 PNHP NatureServe
TOREEriophorum gracileSlender Cotton-grass PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREEriophorum tenellumRough Cotton-grass PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREEriophorum viridicarinatumThin-leaved Cotton-grass PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCErosional remnantErosional Remnant   GNRSNR PNHP
SOSCErynnis lucilius*Columbine Duskywing   G3S1 NatureServe
SOSCErynnis persius*Persius Duskywing   G5S1S2 NatureServe
SOSCErythronium albidumWhite Trout-lily NPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TOREEtheostoma exile*Iowa Darter PE G5S2 NatureServe
SOSCEuchloe olympia*Olympia Marble   G5SH NatureServe
SOSCEupatorium album var. albumWhite Thoroughwort PXPEG5T5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCEupatorium godfreyanumGodfrey's Thoroughwort NPTG4S1S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREEuphorbia obtusataBlunt-leaved Spurge PXPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREEuphorbia polygonifoliaSmall Sea-side Spurge PTPTG5?S2 NatureServe
TOREEuphorbia purpureaGlade Spurge PEPEG3S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCEuphyes bimacula*Two-spotted Skipper   G4S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCEuphyes dion*Dion Skipper   G5S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCEurybia radulaRough-leaved Aster NPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREEuthamia carolinianaGrass-leaved Goldenrod PTPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREFalco peregrinus*Peregrine Falcon PT G4S1B,S5N,S4M PGC NatureServe
TOREFestuca paradoxaCluster Fescue PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREFimbristylis annuaAnnual Fimbry PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCFloodplain Scour CommunityFloodplain Scour Community   GNRS1S2 PNHP
SOSCFossil plantsFossil Plants   GNRSNR PNHP
TOREFraxinus profundaPumpkin Ash PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCFreshwater Tidal Mixed High MarshFreshwater Tidal Mixed High Marsh   GNRS1 PNHP
SOSCFulica americana*American Coot   G5S2B,S4N,S3M NatureServe
SOSCFusconaia flava*Wabash Pigtoe   G5S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCFusconaia subrotunda*Longsolid   G3S2 NatureServe
TOREGalium labradoricumLabrador Marsh Bedstraw PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCGalium latifoliumPurple Bedstraw NPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCGalium trifidumMarsh Bedstraw NPRG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCGallinago delicata*Wilson's Snipe   G5S3B,S4N,S3M NatureServe
SOSCGallinula galeata*Common Gallinule   G5S2B,S2M NatureServe
TOREGasterosteus aculeatus*Threespine Stickleback PE G5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCGaultheria hispidulaCreeping Snowberry PRPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TOREGaylussacia brachyceraBox Huckleberry PTPEG3S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCGentiana saponariaSoapwort Gentian TUPEG5S1S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCGentiana villosaStriped Gentian TUPEG4S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREGeranium bicknelliiCranesbill PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREGlaucomys sabrinus*Northern Flying Squirrel PE G5S1 PGC NatureServe
SOSCGlaucopsyche lygdamus*Silvery Blue   G5S1S2 NatureServe
SOSCGlena cognataria*Blueberry Gray Moth   G4S3 NatureServe
TOREGlyceria obtusaBlunt Manna-grass PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREGlyptemys muhlenbergii*Bog TurtleLTPE G2G3S2 PNHP NatureServe USFWS
SOSCGolden Saxifrage - Pennsylvania Bitter-cress Spring RunGolden Saxifrage - Pennsylvania Bitter-cress Spring Run   GNRS3S4 PNHP
SOSCGolden Saxifrage - Sedge Rich SeepGolden Saxifrage - Sedge Rich Seep   GNRS2 PNHP
TOREGoodyera tesselataCheckered Rattlesnake-plantain PEPTG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCGratiola aureaGolden Hedge-hyssop TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCGreat Lakes Region Scarp SeepGreat Lakes Region Scarp Seep   GNRS1 PNHP
SOSCGreat Lakes Region Scarp WoodlandGreat Lakes Region Scarp Woodland   GNRS1S2 PNHP
SOSCGymnocarpium appalachianumAppalachian Oak Fern TUPEG3S1 NatureServe
SOSCHaliaeetus leucocephalus*Bald Eagle DL G5S4B,S5N,S4M PGC NatureServe
TOREHelianthemum bicknelliiBicknell's Hoary Rockrose PEPEG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCHemileuca maia*Eastern Buckmoth   G5S2 NatureServe
SOSCHemipachnobia monochromatea*Sundew Cutworm Moth   G4S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCHemlock - Mixed Hardwood Palustrine ForestHemlock - Mixed Hardwood Palustrine Forest   GNRS3S4 PNHP
SOSCHemlock Palustrine ForestHemlock Palustrine Forest   GNRS3 PNHP
SOSCHerbaceous Vernal PondHerbaceous Vernal Pond   GNRS3S4 PNHP
SOSCHesperia metea*Cobweb Skipper   G4S2S3 NatureServe
TOREHeteranthera multifloraMultiflowered Mud-plantain PEPEG4S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREHieracium trailliiMaryland Hawkweed PEPEG4S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCHierochloe hirta (Hierochloe hirta ssp. arctica)Common Northern Sweet Grass NPEG5T5S1 NatureServe
SOSCHoustonia canadensisFringed Bluets  PEG4G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCHoustonia purpurea var. purpureaPurple Bluets TUPTG5T5S1S2 NatureServe
SOSCHoustonia serpyllifoliaCreeping Bluets NPEG4?S1 NatureServe
TOREHuperzia porophilaRock Clubmoss PEPEG4S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCHypagyrtis esther*Esther Moth   G5S3S4 NatureServe
TOREHypericum densiflorumBushy St. John's-wort PTPRG5S3 NatureServe
SOSCHypericum drummondiiNits-and-lice TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREHypericum gymnanthumClasping-leaved St. John's-wort PXPEG4S1 NatureServe
TOREHypericum majusLarger Canadian St. John's-wort PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCHypericum stragulumSt Andrew's-cross NPTG5T4S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREIchthyomyzon fossor*Northern Brook Lamprey PE G4S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREIctiobus cyprinellus*Bigmouth Buffalo PE G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCIdaea eremiata*Straw Wave Moth   G4S2 NatureServe
SOSCIdaea violacearia*Violaceous Wave Moth   G4S2 NatureServe
TOREIlex opacaAmerican Holly PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCInvertebrate fossil animalsInvertebrate Fossil Animals   GNRSNR PNHP
TOREIodanthus pinnatifidusPurple Rocket PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREIris cristataCrested Dwarf Iris PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREIris prismaticaSlender Blue Iris PEPEG4G5S1 NatureServe
TOREIris vernaDwarf Iris PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCIris virginicaVirginia Blue Flag NPEG5S2 NatureServe
TOREIsotria medeoloidesSmall-whorled PogoniaLTPEPEG2G3S1 PNHP NatureServe USFWS
TOREItea virginicaVirginia Willow PXPEG4S1 NatureServe
TOREIxobrychus exilis*Least Bittern PE G4G5S2B,S2M PGC NatureServe
TOREJuncus alpinoarticulatus ssp. nodulosusRichardson's Rush PTPTG5T5?S2 NatureServe
TOREJuncus arcticus var. littoralisBaltic Rush PTPTG5T5S2 NatureServe
SOSCJuncus biflorusGrass-leaved Rush TUPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TOREJuncus brachycarpusShort-fruited Rush PEPEG4G5S1 NatureServe
TOREJuncus brachycephalusSmall-headed Rush PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCJuncus debilisWeak Rush NPTG5S3 NatureServe
TOREJuncus dichotomusForked Rush PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCJuncus filiformisThread Rush PRPRG5S3 NatureServe
TOREJuncus militarisBayonet Rush PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREJuncus scirpoidesScirpus-like Rush PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCJuniperus communis var. depressaDwarf Juniper  PEG5T5S1S2 NatureServe
SOSCKettleholeKettlehole   GNRSNR PNHP
TOREKinosternon subrubrum subrubrum*Southeastern Mud Turtle PE G5T5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCLactuca hirsutaDowny Lettuce NTUG5?S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCLagoa crispata*Black-waved Flannel Moth   G5S3 NatureServe
SOSCLampetra aepyptera*Least Brook Lamprey PC G5S4 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCLampsilis fasciolaWavyrayed Lampmussel   G5S3S4 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCLampsilis radiata*Eastern Lampmussel   G5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORELanius ludovicianus migrans*Migrant Loggerhead Shrike PE G4T3QS1B,S1M PGC NatureServe
SOSCLasionycteris noctivagans*Silver-haired Bat   G3G4S1 NatureServe
SOSCLasmigona complanata*White Heelsplitter   G5S1S2 NatureServe
SOSCLasmigona compressa*Creek Heelsplitter   G5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCLasmigona subviridis*Green Floater   G3S2S3 PNHP NatureServe
TORELathyrus japonicusBeach Peavine PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
TORELathyrus ochroleucusWild-pea PTPTG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCLathyrus palustrisVetchling TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCLathyrus venosusVeiny Pea NPEG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCLeatherleaf - Bog Rosemary BogLeatherleaf - Bog Rosemary Bog   GNRS2S3 PNHP
SOSCLeatherleaf - Cranberry BogLeatherleaf - Cranberry Bog   GNRS2S3 PNHP
SOSCLeatherleaf - Sedge WetlandLeatherleaf - Sedge Wetland   GNRS3 PNHP
SOSCLechea minorThyme-leaved Pinweed NPEG5S1S3 NatureServe
SOSCLedum groenlandicumCommon Labrador-tea PRPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TORELepisosteus oculatus*Spotted Gar PE G5S1 NatureServe
TORELepomis gulosus*Warmouth PE G5S3 NatureServe
TORELepomis megalotis*Longear Sunfish PE G5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCLeptodea fragilis*Fragile Papershell   G5S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCLeptodea ochracea*Tidewater Mucket   G3G4S1 NatureServe
SOSCLeucothoe racemosaSwamp Dog-hobble TUPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCLiatris scariosaRound-head Gayfeather TUPTG5?S2 NatureServe
SOSCLife historyLife History   GNRSNR PNHP
SOSCLigumia nasuta*Eastern Pondmussel   G4S2S3 NatureServe
TORELinnaea borealisTwinflower PTPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORELinum intercursumSandplain Wild Flax PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
TORELinum sulcatumGrooved Yellow Flax PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORELipocarpha micranthaCommon Hemicarpa PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREListera australisSouthern Twayblade PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
TOREListera cordataHeart-leaved Twayblade PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREListera smalliiKidney-leaved Twayblade PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCLithobates kauffeldiMid-Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog PE G3G4S1 NatureServe
TORELithobates sphenocephalus utricularius*Coastal Plains Leopard Frog PE G5TNRS1 PNHP
SOSCLithospermum canescensHoary Puccoon NPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TORELithospermum carolinienseHispid Gromwell PEPEG4G5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORELobelia dortmannaWater Lobelia PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
TORELobelia kalmiiBrook Lobelia PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORELobelia puberulaDowny Lobelia PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCLonicera hirsutaHairy Honeysuckle TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORELonicera oblongifoliaSwamp Fly Honeysuckle PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORELonicera villosaMountain Fly Honeysuckle PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORELota lota pop. 4*Burbot - Allegheny River population PE G5TNRS3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCLow Heath ShrublandLow Heath Shrubland   GNRS1 PNHP
TORELudwigia decurrensUpright Primrose-willow PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORELudwigia polycarpaFalse Loosestrife Seedbox PEPEG4S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCLupinus perennisLupine PRPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCLuzula bulbosaSouthern Wood-rush TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCLycaena epixanthe*Bog Copper   G5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCLycia rachelae*Twilight Moth   G5S2? NatureServe
TORELycopodiella alopecuroidesFoxtail Clubmoss PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORELycopodiella appressaSouthern Bog Clubmoss PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TORELycopodiella margueritaeMarguerite's Clubmoss PEPEG1G2S1 NatureServe
TORELycopus rubellusBugleweed PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORELyonia marianaStagger-bush PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCLysimachia hybridaLance-leaf Loosestrife NPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCLythrum alatumWinged-loosestrife TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORELythrurus umbratilis*Redfin Shiner PE G5S2 NatureServe
SOSCMacaria exonerata*Barrens Itame Moth   G3G4S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCMagnolia fraseriMountain Magnolia  PEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREMagnolia tripetalaUmbrella Magnolia PTPRG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREMagnolia virginianaSweet Bay Magnolia PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREMalaxis bayardiiBayard's Malaxis PEPEG1G2S1 NatureServe
SOSCMalaxis monophyllos var. brachypodaWhite Adder's-mouth TUPEG5T4T5S1 NatureServe
SOSCMany-Fruited Sedge - Bladderwort Poor FenMany-Fruited Sedge - Bladderwort Poor Fen   GNRS2 PNHP
TOREMargaritifera margaritifera*Eastern Pearlshell PE G4S1 NatureServe
SOSCMarshallia pulchra (Marshallia grandiflora)Beautiful Barbara's-Buttons  PEG3S1 NatureServe
TOREMatelea obliquaOblique Milkvine PEPEG4?S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCMeandering channelsMeandering Channels   GNRSNR PNHP
SOSCMeehania cordataHeartleaf Meehania TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREMelica nitensThree-flowered Melic-grass PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCMenziesia pilosaMinniebush PRPRG4G5S3 NatureServe
SOSCMineralization materialsMineralization Materials   GNRSNR PNHP
TOREMinuartia glabraAppalachian Sandwort PTPTG4S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREMinytrema melanops*Spotted Sucker PT G5S2 NatureServe
TOREMitella nudaNaked Bishop's-cap PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCMixed Forb MarshMixed Forb Marsh   GNRS3 PNHP
SOSCMixed Mesophytic ForestMixed Mesophytic Forest   GNRS1S2 PNHP
TOREMontia chamissoiChamisso's Miner's-lettuce PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCMorus rubraRed Mulberry NPTG5S2 NatureServe
TOREMuhlenbergia unifloraFall Dropseed Muhly PEPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREMyotis leibii*Eastern Small-footed Bat PT G4S2 PGC NatureServe
TOREMyotis lucifugus*Little Brown Bat PE G3S1 NatureServe
TOREMyotis septentrionalis*Northern Long-eared BatLTPE G1G2S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREMyotis sodalis*Indiana BatLEPE G2S1 PGC NatureServe USFWS
TOREMyrica galeSweet-gale PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREMyriophyllum farwelliiFarwell's Water-milfoil PEPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TOREMyriophyllum sibiricumNorthern Water-milfoil PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREMyriophyllum tenellumSlender Water-milfoil PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREMyriophyllum verticillatumWhorled Water-milfoil PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORENeotoma magister*Allegheny Woodrat PT G3G4S2 PGC NatureServe
TORENocomis biguttatus*Hornyhead Chub PE G5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCNorthern appalachian spruce rocky summitNorthern Appalachian Spruce Rocky Summit   GNRS1
TORENotropis bifrenatus*Bridle Shiner PE G3S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORENotropis buchanani*Ghost Shiner PE G5SU NatureServe
TORENotropis chalybaeus*Ironcolor Shiner PE G4S1 NatureServe
TORENotropis dorsalis*Bigmouth Shiner PT G5S2 NatureServe
TORENotropis heterodon*Blackchin Shiner PE G5S1 NatureServe
TORENotropis heterolepisBlacknose Shiner PE G5S1 NatureServe
TORENoturus eleutherus*Mountain Madtom PE G4S4 PNHP NatureServe
TORENoturus gyrinus*Tadpole Madtom PE G5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORENoturus miurus*Brindled Madtom PT G5S2 NatureServe
TORENoturus stigmosus*Northern Madtom PE G3S4 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCNuphar microphyllaYellow Cowlily TUPEG5T4T5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORENyctanassa violacea*Yellow-crowned Night-heron PE G5S1B,S2M PGC NatureServe
TORENycticorax nycticorax*Black-crowned Night-heron PE G5S2B,S3M PGC NatureServe
TORENymphoides cordataFloating-heart PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCObliquaria reflexa*Threehorn Wartyback   G5S3 NatureServe
TOREObovaria subrotunda*Round Hickorynut PE G4S1 NatureServe
TOREOclemena nemoralisBog Aster PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREOenothera argillicolaShale-barren Evening-primrose PTPTG3G4S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCOenothera oakesianaEvening-primrose NPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCOldenlandia unifloraClustered Bluets   PEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREOnosmodium molle var. hispidissimumFalse Gromwell PEPEG4G5T4S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREOpheodrys aestivus aestivus*Northern Rough Greensnake PE G5TNRS1S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREOpheodrys aestivus aestivus*Northern Rough Greensnake PE G5TNRS1S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREOphioglossum engelmanniiLimestone Adder's-tongue PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREOpsopoeodus emiliaePugnose Minnow PE G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCOpuntia humifusaPrickly-pear Cactus PRPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCOxypolis rigidiorStiff Cowbane TUPRG5S3 NatureServe
SOSCPackera anonymaPlain Ragwort PRPRG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREPackera antennariifoliaCat's-paw Ragwort PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCPaleozoic earth historyPaleozoic Earth History   GNRSNR PNHP
SOSCPanicum flexileWiry Witchgrass TUPTG5S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCPanicum longifoliumLong-leaf Panic-grass TUPEG4S1 NatureServe
TOREPanicum tuckermaniiTuckerman's Panic-grass PTPTG3G5S2 NatureServe
SOSCPapaipema eupatorii*Joe-Pye Weed Borer Moth   G4S3 NatureServe
SOSCPapaipema nepheleptena*Turtle Head Borer Moth   G4S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCPapaipema rutila*Mayapple Borer Moth   G4S3? NatureServe
SOSCPapaipema sp. 1*Flypoison Borer Moth   G2G3S2S3 NatureServe
TOREParnassia glaucaCarolina Grass-of-parnassus PEPEG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCParonychia fastigiata var. nuttalliiForked-chickweed TUPEG5T3T5S1S2 NatureServe
SOSCParthenium integrifoliumAmerican Fever-few TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREPassiflora luteaPassion-flower PEPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREPaxistima canbyiCanby's Mountain-lover PEPEG2?S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCPedicularis lanceolataSwamp Lousewort NPEG5S1S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCPenstemon canescensBeard-tongue NTUG4S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCPenstemon laevigatusBeard-tongue NTUG5S3 NatureServe
TOREPercina bimaculata*Chesapeake Logperch PT G1G2S1 NatureServe
TOREPerimyotis subflavus*Tricolored Bat PE G2G3S1 NatureServe
TOREPersicaria careyiCarey's Smartweed PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCPersicaria setaceaBog Smartweed PEPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCPhaseolus polystachiosWild Kidney Bean NPEG5S1S2 NatureServe
TOREPhemeranthus teretifoliusRound-leaved Fame-flower PTPTG4S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREPhlox ovataMountain Phlox PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCPhlox pilosaDowny Phlox TUPEG5S1S2 NatureServe
TOREPhlox subulata ssp. brittoniiMoss Pink PEPEG5T4?S1 NatureServe
SOSCPhragmites australis ssp. americanus   PEG5T5S1 NatureServe
SOSCPhyciodes cocyta*Northern Crescent   G5S3? NatureServe
TOREPhyllanthus caroliniensisCarolina Leaf-flower PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCPhysalis virginianaVirginia Ground-cherry TUPEG5S1S2 NatureServe
SOSCPieris virginiensis*West Virginia White   G2G3S2 NatureServe
SOSCPinus echinataShort-leaf Pine NPTG5S1S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREPiptatherum pungensSlender Mountain-ricegrass PEPEG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCPiptochaetium avenaceumBlackseed Needlegrass NPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCPitch Pine - Leatherleaf Palustrine WoodlandPitch Pine - Leatherleaf Palustrine Woodland   GNRS2 PNHP
SOSCPitch Pine - Rhodora - Scrub Oak WoodlandPitch Pine - Rhodora - Scrub Oak Woodland   GNRS1 PNHP
SOSCPitch Pine - Scrub Oak WoodlandPitch Pine - Scrub Oak Woodland   GNRS2S3 PNHP
TOREPlatanthera aquilonisNorthern Green Orchid PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCPlatanthera blephariglottisWhite Fringed-orchid NPEG5S2S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCPlatanthera ciliarisYellow-fringed Orchid TUPTG5S2 NatureServe
TOREPlatanthera dilatataLeafy White Orchid PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCPlatanthera hookeriHooker's Orchid TUPEG4S1 NatureServe
TOREPlatanthera huronensisHuron Green Orchid PEPEG5T5?S1 NatureServe
TOREPlatanthera peramoenaPurple-fringeless Orchid PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCPlestiodon laticeps*Broad-headed Skink PC G5S2 NatureServe
TOREPlethobasus cyphyus*SheepnoseLEPT G3S1 NatureServe USFWS
TOREPleurobema clava*ClubshellLEPE G1G2S2 NatureServe USFWS
SOSCPleurobema cordatum*Ohio Pigtoe   G4SH NatureServe
SOSCPleurobema sintoxia*Round Pigtoe   G4G5S3S4 PNHP NatureServe
TOREPoa autumnalisAutumn Bluegrass PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCPoa languidaDrooping Bluegrass TUPTG5T4QS2 NatureServe
TOREPoa paludigenaBog Bluegrass PTPRG3G4S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCPoanes massasoit*Mulberry Wing   G4S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCPoanes viator viator*Broad-winged Skipper   G5T4S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCPodilymbus podiceps*Pied-billed Grebe   G5S2B,S4N,S4M PNHP NatureServe
SOSCPoison Sumac - Red-cedar - Bayberry FenPoison Sumac - Red-cedar - Bayberry Fen   GNRS1 PNHP
TOREPolemonium vanbruntiaeJacob's-ladder PEPEG3G4S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREPolygala cruciataCross-leaved Milkwort PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREPolygala curtissiiCurtis's Milkwort PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREPolygala incarnataPink Milkwort PEPEG5SH NatureServe
SOSCPolygala nuttalliiNuttall's Milkwort NPEG5S3 NatureServe
SOSCPolygala polygamaRacemed Milkwort TUPEG5S1S2 NatureServe
SOSCPolygala senegaSeneca Snakeroot  PTG4G5S2 NatureServe
SOSCPolygonella articulataEastern Jointweed TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREPolystichum brauniiBraun's Holly Fern PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREPopulus balsamiferaBalsam Poplar PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCPotamilus ohiensis*Pink Papershell   G5S1 NatureServe
TOREPotamogeton alpinusNorthern Pondweed PXPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREPotamogeton confervoidesTuckerman's Pondweed PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
TOREPotamogeton friesiiFries' Pondweed PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREPotamogeton gramineusGrassy Pondweed PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREPotamogeton hilliiHill's Pondweed PEPEG3S1 NatureServe
SOSCPotamogeton oakesianusOakes' Pondweed TUPEG5S1S2 NatureServe
TOREPotamogeton obtusifoliusBlunt-leaved Pondweed PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREPotamogeton praelongusWhite-stemmed Pondweed PXPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREPotamogeton pulcherSpotted Pondweed PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREPotamogeton richardsoniiRed-head Pondweed PTPRG5S3 NatureServe
TOREPotamogeton tennesseensisTennessee Pondweed PEPEG2G3S1 NatureServe
TOREPotamogeton vaseyiVasey's Pondweed PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCPotamogeton zosteriformisFlat-stem Pondweed PRPRG5S2S3 NatureServe
TOREPotentilla anserinaSilverweed PRPRG5S3 NatureServe
TOREPotentilla fruticosaShrubby Cinquefoil PEPEG5T5S1 NatureServe
TOREPotentilla paradoxaBushy Cinquefoil PEPEG5T5S1 NatureServe
TOREPotentilla tridentataThree-toothed Cinquefoil PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCPotholesPotholes   GNRSNR PNHP
SOSCPrairie Sedge - Spotted Joe-pye Weed MarshPrairie Sedge - Spotted Joe-pye Weed Marsh   GNRS1S2 PNHP
SOSCPrenanthes serpentariaLion's-foot NPTG5S3 NatureServe
TOREPrimula fassettiiFassett Jeweled Shooting-Star PTPTG4S2 NatureServe
TOREPrimula meadiaCommon Shooting-star PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCProtonotaria citrea*Prothonotary Warbler   G5S3B,S2M NatureServe
SOSCPrunus alleghaniensisAlleghany Plum NPTG4S2S3 NatureServe
TOREPrunus maritimaBeach Plum PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCPrunus pumila var. depressa   PEG5T5S1 NatureServe
SOSCPrunus pumila var. susquehanae   PTG5T4T5S2 NatureServe
SOSCPsectraglaea carnosa*Pink Sallow Moth   G3S2S3 NatureServe
TOREPseudacris kalmi*New Jersey Chorus Frog PE G4S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREPseudemys rubriventris*Northern Red-bellied Cooter PT G5S2S3 PNHP NatureServe
TOREPseudotriton montanus montanus*Eastern Mud Salamander PE G5T5S1 NatureServe
TOREPtelea trifoliataCommon Hop-tree PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
TOREPycnanthemum torreiTorrey's Mountain-mint PEPEG2S1 NatureServe
SOSCPyrgus wyandot*Appalachian Grizzled Skipper   G1G2QS1 NatureServe
SOSCPyrola chlorantha  NPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCPyrularia puberaBuffalo-nut PRPRG5S3 NatureServe
SOSCQuadrula quadrula*Mapleleaf   G5S3 NatureServe
TOREQuercus falcataSouthern Red Oak PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCQuercus michauxiiSwamp Chestnut Oak NPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREQuercus phellosWillow Oak PEPEG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREQuercus shumardiiShumard's Oak PEPEG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TORERallus elegans*King Rail PE G4S1B,S1M PGC NatureServe
SOSCRanunculus ambigensWater-plantain Spearwort NPTG4S2 NatureServe
SOSCRanunculus aquatilis var. diffususWhite Water-crowfoot TUPRG5T5S3 NatureServe
TORERanunculus fascicularisTufted Buttercup PEPEG5S1S2 NatureServe
SOSCRanunculus flabellarisYellow Water-crowfoot NPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TORERanunculus hederaceusLong-stalked Crowfoot PXPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCRanunculus pusillusSpearwort NPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORERatibida pinnataGray-headed Prairie Coneflower PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCRed Maple - Black Ash Palustrine ForestRed Maple - Black Ash Palustrine Forest   GNRS2S3 PNHP
SOSCRed Maple - Black-gum Palustrine ForestRed Maple - Black-gum Palustrine Forest   GNRS3S4 PNHP
SOSCRed Maple - Elm - Willow Floodplain ForestRed Maple - Elm - Willow Floodplain Forest   GNRS2 PNHP
SOSCRed Maple - Magnolia Palustrine ForestRed maple - Magnolia Palustrine Forest   GNRS1 PNHP
SOSCRed Spruce - Mixed Hardwood Palustrine ForestRed Spruce - Mixed Hardwood Palustrine Forest   GNRS3 PNHP
SOSCRed Spruce - Mixed Hardwood Palustrine WoodlandRed Spruce - Mixed Hardwood Palustrine Woodland   GNRS2S3 PNHP
SOSCRed Spruce Palustrine ForestRed Spruce Palustrine Forest   GNRS3 PNHP
SOSCRed Spruce Rocky SummitRed Spruce Rocky Summit   GNRS1 PNHP
SOSCRed-cedar - Mixed Hardwood Rich Shale WoodlandRed-cedar - Mixed Hardwood Rich Shale Woodland   GNRS1S2 PNHP
SOSCRed-cedar - Pine Serpentine ShrublandRed-cedar - Pine Serpentine Shrubland   GNRS1 PNHP
SOSCRed-cedar - Prickly Pear Shale ShrublandRed-cedar - Prickly Pear Shale Shrubland   GNRS2 PNHP
SOSCRed-cedar - Redbud ShrublandRed-cedar - Redbud Shrubland   GNRS2 PNHP
TORERhamnus lanceolataLance-leaved Buckthorn PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORERhexia marianaMaryland Meadow-beauty PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORERhododendron atlanticumDwarf Azalea PEPEG4G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCRhodora - Mixed Heath - Scrub Oak ShrublandRhodora - Mixed Heath - Scrub Oak Shrubland   GNRS1 PNHP
TORERhynchospora capillaceaCapillary Beaked-rush PEPEG4G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCRhynchospora recognitaSmall Globe Beaked-rush TUPEG5?S1 NatureServe
SOSCRibes lacustreSwamp Currant TUPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORERibes missourienseMissouri Gooseberry PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORERibes tristeRed Currant PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCRice Cutgrass - Bulrush Vernal PoolRice Cutgrass - Bulrush Vernal Pool   GNRS2? PNHP
SOSCRich Hemlock - Mesic Hardwoods ForestRich Hemlock - Mesic Hardwoods Forest   GNRS2S3 PNHP
SOSCRiver Bluff SeepRiver Bluff Seep   GNRS1 PNHP
SOSCRiverbank Freshwater Tidal MarshRiverbank Freshwater Tidal Marsh   GNRS1 PNHP
SOSCRosa virginianaVirginia Rose TUTUG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCRotala ramosiorTooth-cup PRPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TORERubus cuneifoliusSand Blackberry PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCRudbeckia fulgidaEastern Coneflower NPTG5S3 NatureServe
TORERuellia humilisFringed-leaved Petunia PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORERuellia strepensLimestone Petunia PTPTG4G5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TORESagittaria calycinaLong-lobed Arrow-head PE G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCSagittaria calycina var. calycina  NPEG5T5?S1 NatureServe
SOSCSagittaria cuneataWapatum Arrowhead NPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCSagittaria subulataSubulate Arrowhead PRPRG4S3 PNHP NatureServe
TORESalix candidaHoary Willow PTPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCSalix myricoidesBroad-leaved Willow NPEG4S2 NatureServe
TORESalix serissimaAutumn Willow PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCSamolus parviflorusPineland Pimpernel TUPRG5T5S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCSand duneSand Dune   GNRSNR PNHP
TOREScaphiopus holbrookii*Eastern Spadefoot PT G5S2S3 NatureServe
TOREScheuchzeria palustrisPod-grass PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCSchizachyrium scoparium var. littoraleSeaside Bluestem PRPRG5T5S3 NatureServe
TORESchoenoplectus acutusHard-stemmed Bulrush PEPEG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCSchoenoplectus fluviatilisRiver Bulrush PRPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TORESchoenoplectus smithiiSmith's Bulrush PEPEG5?S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCSchoenoplectus subterminalisWater Bulrush NPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TORESchoenoplectus torreyiTorrey's Bulrush PEPEG5?S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREScirpus ancistrochaetusNortheastern BulrushLEPEPTG3S3 PNHP NatureServe USFWS
TOREScirpus pedicellatusStalked Bulrush PTPTG4S1 NatureServe
TOREScleria muehlenbergiiReticulated Nutrush PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREScleria paucifloraFew Flowered Nutrush PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCScleria triglomerataWhip Nutrush TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREScleria verticillataWhorled Nutrush PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCScutellaria saxatilisRock Skullcap TUPEG3G4S1 PNHP NatureServe
TOREScutellaria serrataShowy Skullcap PXPEG4G5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCSedge - Mixed Forb FenSedge - Mixed Forb Fen   GNRS1 PNHP
TORESedum roseaRoseroot Stonecrop PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCSedum telephioidesAllegheny Stonecrop PRPRG4S3 NatureServe
SOSCSenna marilandicaWild Senna TUPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TORESericocarpus linifoliusNarrow-leaved White-topped Aster PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCSerpentine GrasslandSerpentine Grassland   GNRS1 PNHP
SOSCSerpentine Pitch Pine - Oak ForestSerpentine Pitch Pine - Oak Forest   GNRS1 PNHP
SOSCSerpentine Virginia Pine - Oak ForestSerpentine Virginia Pine - Oak Forest   GNRS2 PNHP
TORESetophaga striata*Blackpoll Warbler PE G5S1B,S4M PGC NatureServe
TOREShepherdia canadensisCanada Buffalo-berry PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORESida hermaphroditaSida PEPEG3S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCSide-oats Gramma Calcareous GrasslandSide-oats Gramma Calcareous Grassland   GNRS1 PNHP
TORESimpsonaias ambigua*Salamander Mussel PE G3S1 NatureServe
TORESistrurus catenatus*Eastern MassasaugaLTPE G3S1 PNHP NatureServe USFWS
TORESisyrinchium atlanticumEastern Blue-eyed Grass PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORESolidago arguta var. harrisiiHarris' Golden-rod PEPEG5T4S1 NatureServe
TORESolidago erectaSlender Golden-rod PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCSolidago rigidaHard-leaved Goldenrod TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCSolidago roanensisTennessee Golden-rod PRPTG4G5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TORESolidago simplex ssp. randii var. racemosaSticky Golden-rod PEPEG5T3?S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCSolidago speciosa var. speciosaShowy Goldenrod NPTG5T5?S2 NatureServe
SOSCSolidago uliginosaBog Goldenrod PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
TORESorbus decoraShowy Mountain-ash PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORESorex palustris punctulatus*West Virginia Water Shrew PT G5T3S2 PGC NatureServe
TORESparganium androcladumBranching Bur-reed PEPEG4G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCSparganium angustifoliumBur-reed NPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCSparsely Vegetated Vernal Pool CommunitySparsely Vegetated Vernal Pool Community   G3S3 PNHP
SOSCSpeyeria idalia*Regal Fritillary   G3?S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCSphagnum - Beak-rush PeatlandSphagnum - Beak-rush Peatland   GNRS3 PNHP
SOSCSphalloplana pricei*Refton Cave Planarian   G2G3S1 NatureServe
SOSCSphinx gordius*Apple Sphinx Moth   G4G5S3S4 NatureServe
SOSCSpiraea corymbosa (Spiraea betulifolia var. corymbosa)Dwarf Spiraea PTPEG5T4?S1 NatureServe
TORESpiranthes caseiCase's Ladies'-tresses PEPEG4S1 NatureServe
SOSCSpiranthes lucidaShining Ladies'-tresses NPTG4S3 NatureServe
TORESpiranthes ovalisOctober Ladies'-tresses PEPEG5?S1 NatureServe
TORESpiranthes romanzoffianaHooded Ladies'-tresses PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCSpiranthes tuberosaLittle Ladies'-tresses TUPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORESpiranthes vernalisSpring Ladies'-tresses PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORESpiza americana*Dickcissel PE G5S3B,S2M PGC NatureServe
TORESporobolus heterolepisPrairie Dropseed PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCSpringsSprings   GNRSNR PNHP
TOREStachys cordataNuttall's Hedge-nettle PEPEGNRS1 NatureServe
SOSCStellaria borealisMountain Starwort NPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TORESterna hirundo*Common Tern PE G5S1B,S3M PGC NatureServe
TOREStreptopus amplexifoliusWhite Twisted-stalk PTPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCStrophostyles umbellataWild Bean NPEG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCStygobromus allegheniensis*Allegheny Cave Amphipod   G5S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCStygobromus biggersi*Biggers' Cave Amphipod   G2G4S1 NatureServe
SOSCStygobromus franzi*Franz's Cave Amphipod   G3G4SNR NatureServe
SOSCStygobromus gracilipes*Shenandoah Valley Cave Amphipod   G3G4S1 NatureServe
SOSCStygobromus pizzinii*Pizzini's Cave Amphipod   G3G4S1 NatureServe
SOSCStygobromus stellmacki*Stellmack's Cave Amphipod   G1G2S1 NatureServe
SOSCStygobromus tenuis potomacus*Potomac Groundwater Amphipod   G4T4S1 NatureServe
SOSCStylosanthes bifloraPencilflower TUPEG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCSweet gum - oak coastal plain forestSweet gum - oak coastal plain forest   GNRS1 PNHP
TORESwertia caroliniensisAmerican Columbo PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORESymphyotrichum borealeRush Aster PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORESymphyotrichum depauperatumSerpentine Aster PTPTG2S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCSymphyotrichum drummondiiHairy Heart-leaved Aster NPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCSymphyotrichum dumosumBushy Aster TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCSymphyotrichum ericoidesWhite Heath Aster TUPTG5S3 NatureServe
TORESymphyotrichum novi-belgiiNew York Aster PTPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCSympistis dentata*Toothed Apharetra Moth   G5S2S3 NatureServe
TORETaenidia montanaMountain Pimpernel PEPEG3S1 NatureServe
TOREThalictrum coriaceumThick-leaved Meadow-rue PEPTG4S2 PNHP NatureServe
TORETheliderma cylindrica*RabbitsfootLTPE G3G4S1S2 NatureServe
TORETheliderma cylindrica*RabbitsfootLTPE G3G4S1S2 NatureServe
SOSCToxicodendron rydbergiiGiant Poison-ivy N G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCToxolasma parvum*Lilliput   G5S1S2 NatureServe
TORETrichostema setaceumBlue-curls PEPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORETrifolium stoloniferumRunning Buffalo CloverLE PEG3S1 NatureServe USFWS
TORETrifolium virginicumKate's Mountain Clover PEPEG3S1 NatureServe
TORETriglochin palustrisMarsh Arrowgrass PXPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCTrillium cernuumNodding Trillium NPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCTrillium flexipesDeclined Trillium TUPTG5S2 NatureServe
SOSCTrillium nivaleSnow Trillium PRPTG4S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCTriosteum angustifoliumHorse-gentian TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
TORETriphora trianthophoraNodding Pogonia PEPEG4?S1 NatureServe
TORETriplasis purpureaPurple Sandgrass PEPEG4G5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCTrisetum spicatumNarrow False Oats NPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
TORETritogonia verrucosa*Pistolgrip PE G4G5S1 NatureServe
TORETrollius laxusSpreading Globeflower PEPEG5T3S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCTruncilla donaciformis*Fawnsfoot   G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCTruncilla truncata*Deertoe   G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCTyto alba*Barn Owl   G5S2B,S3N PNHP NatureServe
SOSCUtricularia cornutaHorned Bladderwort NPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
TOREUtricularia intermediaFlat-leaved Bladderwort PTPTG5S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCUtterbackiana implicata*Alewife Floater   G5S3 NatureServe
SOSCUtterbackiana suborbiculata*Flat Floater   G5S1 NatureServe
SOSCUvularia pudicaMountain Bellwort TUPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCVeratrum virginicumVirginia Bunchflower NPEG5S1 NatureServe
TOREVernonia glaucaTawny Ironweed PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCVertebrate fossil animalsVertebrate Fossil Animals   GNRSNR PNHP
TOREViburnum nudumPossum-haw PEPEG5S1 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCViburnum trilobumHighbush-cranberry TUPTG5T5S1S2 NatureServe
TOREVillosa fabalis*Rayed BeanLEPE G2S1S2 NatureServe USFWS
SOSCVillosa iris*Rainbow   G5S3 PNHP NatureServe
TOREViola appalachiensisAppalachian Blue Violet PTPRG4S3S4 PNHP NatureServe
TOREViola brittonianaCoast Violet PEPEG4G5S1 NatureServe
TOREViola glaberrima (Viola tripartita)Wedge-leaved Violet  PEG5T3?S1 NatureServe
SOSCViola renifoliaKidney-leaved White Violet TUPEG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCViola selkirkiiGreat-spurred Violet NPRG5S3S4 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCVirginia Pine - Mixed Hardwood Shale WoodlandVirginia Pine - Mixed Hardwood Shale Woodland   GNRS2 PNHP
SOSCVitis cinerea var. baileyanaA Pigeon Grape TUPEG4G5TNRSH NatureServe
TOREVitis rupestrisSand Grape PEPEG3S1 NatureServe
TOREVittaria appalachianaAppalachian Gametophyte Fern PTPTG4S2 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCWaterfalls and RapidsWaterfalls and Rapids   GNRSNR PNHP
SOSCWater-willow (Decodon verticillatus) Shrub WetlandWater-willow (Decodon verticillatus) Shrub Wetland   GNRS3 PNHP
SOSCWoodwardia areolataNetted Chainfern NPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
SOSCXestia elimata*Southern Variable Dart Moth   G5S3 NatureServe
SOSCXyris tortaTwisted Yellow-eyed Grass NPTG5S1 NatureServe
SOSCYellow Oak - Redbud WoodlandYellow Oak - Redbud Woodland   GNRS2 PNHP
SOSCZale curema*Black-eyed Zale Moth   G4S3 NatureServe
SOSCZale lunifera*Pine Barrens Zale Moth   G3G4S2S3 NatureServe
SOSCZale submediana*Gray Spring Zale Moth   G4S2S3 NatureServe
TOREZigadenus glaucusWhite Camas PEPEG5T4T5S1 NatureServe
SOSCZizania aquaticaIndian Wild Rice PRPRG5S3 PNHP NatureServe
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