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The Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program (PNHP) inventories and maintains a list of all plant and wildlife species, plant communities, and geologic features in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for which there is conservation concern. The PNHP inventories include Rare, Threatened, and Endangered species, as well as species with unique or specific habitat needs or declining populations. This list represents the most up-to-date, accurate, scientific information available and reflects current species terminology.
The list below is an inclusive list of all species or communities inventoried by PNHP and is more extensive than the list of species and communities used for environmental review in the PNDI tool.

For a list of species and communities used as the basis for Environmental Review within the PNDI Tool, please click on the following link: Environmental Review Species List


Fact Sheets (The following links may be available for each species.)

  • PGC Factsheet (pdf)
  • PNHP Factsheet (pdf)
  • NatureServe Explorer
  • USFWS Species Profile

Displaying Reptiles & Amphibians in Pennsylvania

List updated July 2019. Definitions of the status and rank codes can be found here.

Scientific NameCommon NameFederal StatusState StatusPBS StatusG RankS RankFactsheets
Acris crepitansNorthern Cricket Frog PE G5S1 NatureServe
Agkistrodon contortrixCopperhead   G5S3S4 NatureServe
Ambystoma jeffersonianumJefferson Salamander   G4S3 NatureServe
Ambystoma lateraleBlue-spotted Salamander PE G5S1 NatureServe
Ambystoma opacumMarbled Salamander   G5S3 NatureServe
Ambystoma tigrinumTiger Salamander   G5SX NatureServe
Anaxyrus fowleriFowler's Toad   G5S3S4 NatureServe
Aneides aeneusGreen Salamander PT G3G4S2 PNHP NatureServe
Apalone mutica muticaMidland Smooth Softshell   G5T5SX NatureServe
Carphophis amoenus amoenusEastern Worm Snake   G5T5S2 NatureServe
Clemmys guttataSpotted Turtle   G5S3S4 NatureServe
Clonophis kirtlandiiKirtland's Snake PE G2SH PNHP NatureServe
Crotalus horridusTimber Rattlesnake DL G4S3S4 PNHP NatureServe
Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensisEastern Hellbender   G3T2S2S3 PNHP NatureServe
Emydoidea blandingiiBlanding's Turtle PC G4S1 NatureServe
Glyptemys insculptaWood Turtle   G3S3S4 NatureServe
Glyptemys muhlenbergiiBog TurtleLTPE G2G3S2 PNHP NatureServe USFWS
Heterodon platirhinosEastern Hognose Snake   G5S3S4 NatureServe
Hyla chrysoscelisCope's Grey Treefrog   G5S1 NatureServe
Kinosternon subrubrum subrubrumEastern Mud Turtle PE G5T5S1 PNHP NatureServe
Liochlorophis vernalisSmooth Green Snake   G5S4 NatureServe
Lithobates kauffeldiAtlantic Coastal Leopard Frog   G3G4S1 NatureServe
Lithobates pipiensNorthern Leopard Frog   G5S2S3 NatureServe
Lithobates sphenocephalus utriculariusSouthern Leopard Frog PE G5TNRS1 PNHP
Necturus maculosusMudpuppy   G5S3 PNHP NatureServe
Opheodrys aestivusRough Green Snake PE G5S1S2 PNHP NatureServe
Plestiodon anthracinus anthracinusNorthern Coal Skink   G5T5S3 NatureServe
Plestiodon laticepsBroadhead Skink PC G5S2 NatureServe
Plethodon electromorphusNorthern Ravine Salamander   G5S2S3 NatureServe
Pseudacris brachyphonaMountain Chorus Frog   G5S2 NatureServe
Pseudacris feriarumUpland Chorus Frog   G5S1 NatureServe
Pseudacris kalmiNew Jersey Chorus Frog PE G4S1 PNHP NatureServe
Pseudacris triseriataWestern Chorus Frog   G5S1 NatureServe
Pseudemys rubriventrisEastern Redbelly Turtle PT G5S2S3 PNHP NatureServe
Pseudotriton montanus montanusEastern Mud Salamander PE G5T5S1 NatureServe
Regina septemvittataQueen Snake   G5S3S4 PNHP NatureServe
Scaphiopus holbrookiiEastern Spadefoot PT G5S2S3 NatureServe
Sceloporus undulatusEastern Fence Lizard   G5S3 NatureServe
Sistrurus catenatus catenatusEastern MassasaugaLTPE G3S1 PNHP NatureServe USFWS
Terrapene carolina carolinaEastern Box Turtle   G5T5S3S4 NatureServe
Thamnophis brachystomaShorthead Garter Snake   G4S4 NatureServe
Thamnophis sauritusEastern Ribbon Snake   G5S3 NatureServe
Virginia pulchraMountain Earth Snake   G5T3T4S3 NatureServe
Virginia valeriae valeriaeEastern Smooth Earth Snake   G5T5S1 NatureServe