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Herbaceous vernal pool
Herbaceous vernal pool, PNHP

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  • Standing water at some portion of the year
  • Occurs in shallow or deep basins which collect surface water
  • Dominated by variety of herbaceous species
  • When dry, may consist of black leaf debris

* limited to sites with higher soil calcium
Vascular plant nomenclature follows Rhoads and Block (2007). Bryophyte nomenclature follows Crum and Anderson (1981).

International Vegetation Classification Associations:

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Representative Community Types:

Woolgrass Marsh (CEGL006349)

NatureServe Ecological Systems:

Laurentian-Acadian Wet Meadow-Shrub Swamp (CES201.582)
Laurentian-Acadian Floodplain Forest (CES201.587)

NatureServe Group Level:


Origin of Concept

Pennsylvania Community Code*

*(DCNR 1999, Stone 2006)

Similar Ecological Communities

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Pennsylvania Range

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Fike, J. 1999. Terrestrial and palustrine plant communities of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory. Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Recreation. Bureau of Forestry. Harrisburg, PA.

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Rhoads, Ann F. and Timothy A. Block. 2008. Vegetation of Ridley Creek State Park. Report submitted to DCNR, Bureau of State Parks.

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