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Educational Materials

From 2009 to 2010, the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program (PNHP) produced management plans and other educational materials for landowners with vernal pools on their properties. A booklet, poster, and presentation are available online that provide information on how to recognize vernal pools and the wildlife that use them. We also developed a series of kiosks that describe a vernal pool wetland restoration project that was completed in 2010 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. We hope these materials help landowners care for the vernal pools on their property and encourage educators to teach others about these fascinating wetlands.

Vernal Pool Identification and Conservation

Pennsylvania Vernal Pool Identification Guide

Pennsylvania Vernal Pools - Wild Waters of the Forest Poster (36x24 inches)

Presentation: Identification and Conservation of Vernal Pools in Pennsylvania

Notes: Identification and Conservation of Vernal Pools in Pennsylvania

Recorded Webinar: Identification and Conservation of Vernal Pools in Pennsylvania

Vernal Pool Conservation and Management: A landowner’s guide to vernal pool stewardship

Vernal Pool Wetland Restoration

Kiosk 1: Briefly describes the wetland restoration that occurred in 2010 on The Nature Conservancy's 70-acre Forest Pools Preserve in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

Kiosk 2: Explains how to choose a wetland restoration strategy and illustrates the liner technique.

Kiosk 3: Describes the ground water wetland restoration technique, and describes vernal pool conservation zones.

Kiosk 4: Describes the surface water wetland restoration technique, and lists several key best management practices for vernal pools.

Development of these educational materials was funded by two grants awarded to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy:

  • The Community Conservation Partnerships Program, Environmental Stewardship fund, administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Recreation and Conservation
  • The Landowner Incentive Program, administered by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

This work was conducted in partnership with the funding agencies, the ClearWater Conservancy, and The Nature Conservancy.